Survival Mode: College - Varsity Tutors

Survival Mode: College

By Varsity Tutors

  • Release Date: 2017-03-14
  • Genre: Education


Going to college poses a major change in any student’s life, but it doesn’t come with a guidebook. How are you supposed to know how you’ll handle scheduling classes, studying for exams, and preparing for your future career? This book can help answer many of those questions and explain and prepare you for many aspects of college life. Varsity Tutors’ college survival guide offers applicable advice about a wide range of college concerns to help you destress and approach your college experience with confidence. From advice about choosing your major and minor to tips on succeeding in the classroom and useful instructions about networking and applying to internships and jobs, this book offers useful information about many aspects of college life. Learn how to make the most of your college experience and lay the groundwork for future success in Varsity Tutors’ college guide.

Over 100 pages of useful tips and advice
Contains useful tips about what to expect from your college classes Learn how to lay the groundwork for post-graduation success